Gallery Visit: Post-Soviet Visions: Image and identity in the new Eastern Europe.

I had the opportunity to visit the Calvert 22 Foundation art gallery in Shoreditch during an exhibition titled Post-Soviet Visions: Image and identity in the new Eastern Europe. The exhibition showcased a group of different photographers/filmmakers coming out of Eastern Europe. 

What I found interesting about the images and video in the exhibition was the raw approach each artist took towards their work. You could say that was the main thing they had in common with each others work. The exhibition included a variety of different subject matters ranging from portraiture, landscape and architectural photography. The main image that stood out to me was a photograph captured by architectural photographer, Jędrzej Franek from Poznan, Poland. The image was of a brutalist high rise block of what looks like flats, with fog or smoke surrounding the lower half. It stood out to me as this style of architecture creates a raw emotion within the image due to the compositional straight lines and heavy shadows created by the lighting. 

I believe this image inspired some my recent photographs, although I decided to combine my love of architectural photography with my love of portraiture, to produce quite wide shots of a block of flats with a figure placed in the centre of the composition.